Japan Wins Aloha Cup as Brazil Officially Crowned Team World Champions at 2023 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship

December 2nd, 2023

Brazil presented with Junior Team World Champion trophy for the first time in 20 years

Hawaii take Aloha Cup silver medal, Spain, bronze, Australia, copper

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – December 2, 2023

Brazil was officially crowned Team World Champions today as competition came to a close at the 2023 ISA World Surfing Championship (WJSC). The iconic Aloha Cup brought out the fun, as well as the team spirit, before the Closing Ceremony was held.

More than any other part of the WJSC, the unique Aloha Cup team relay event brings out the spirit of the ISA. It features two men and two women from the top eight teams of the previous edition of the ISA WJSC catching three waves each over the course of a 45-minute heat, with the top two scores of each adding to the overall total.

Team Brazil. Photo: Pablo Franco

This year’s edition was a spirited affair, with Japan taking the win. After two Semifinals decided the finalists, Spain, Japan, Australia, and Hawaii took to the water for the Final. Ikko Watanabe (JPN) and Harley Walters (AUS) set the tone in the first 3 minutes, with a huge exchange earning Watanabe an 8.00 and Walters the highest single wave score of the day, a 9.17.

Harley Walters, Team Australia. Photo: Pablo Jimenez

The high didn’t last long though, as an early interference from Walters on Hans Odriozola (ESP) docked 5-points from Australia’s total and opened the door for the rest of the field, allowing Japan to control much of the rest of the Final and win their first WJSC Aloha Cup gold medals since 2017.

U/18 Girl’s Gold Medalist Anon Matsuoka, U/18 Boy’s Copper Medalist Tenshi Iwami, and 2022 Girl’s U/16 Bronze Medalist Mirai Ikeda made up the winning team, along with Watanabe.

“So, so happy for this win,” Matsuoka said. “It’s everyone’s first time to join the Aloha Cup but the little waves made it seem like Japan. We just want to share this happiness to everyone, to the Japanese.”

Matsuoka and Iwami, along with Sierra Kerr (AUS), also won the most medals in this year’s WJSC, earning individual medals, team medals and the Aloha Cup medals, and the Japanese were thrilled.

“I’m so happy, and so stoked,” Iwami said. “Yes, Team Japan!”

Team Japan. Photo: Sean Evans

ISA President Fernando Aguerre said:

“Muito obrigado Brazil, muito obrigado CBSurf and its president, the surfing legend Teco Padaratz. We had a great time, we connected with new friends. We were able to enjoy the wonderful food and vibe and weather and waves and warm water of Rio de Janeiro. We are looking forward to coming back to Brazil soon with another ISA World Championship.

“We’re absolutely happy. The competition was great. We finished on a high note with good waves, incredible performances and the best won.

“Some of the surfers competing here will be heading to the World Surfing Games in Puerto Rico in February, the last qualification for surfing in the Olympic Games. Some may even qualify to compete in Teahupo’o in July for Paris 2024.

“Congratulations again to the new Team World Champions, Team Brazil, for winning the Team Championship Trophy.”


Team Rankings
Gold – Brazil
Silver – USA
Bronze – Japan
Copper – Australia

ISA Aloha Cup
Gold – Japan
Silver – Hawaii
Bronze – Spain
Copper – Australia

Boy’s U/16
Gold – Hans Odriozola (ESP)
Silver – Lukas Skinner (ENG)
Bronze – Guilherme Lemos (BRA)
Copper – Ryan Coelho (BRA)

Girls U/16
Gold – Sierra Kerr (AUS)
Silver – Lanea Mons (USA)
Bronze – Eden Walla (USA)
Copper – Clémence Schorsch (FRA)

Boy’s U/18
Gold – Ryan Kainalo (BRA)
Silver – Francisco Ordonhas (POR)
Bronze – Kai Ordriozola (ESP)
Copper – Tenshi Iwami (JPN)

Girl’s U/18
Gold – Anon Matsuoka (JPN)
Silver – Kohai Fierro (TAH)
Bronze – Candelaria Resano (NCA)
Copper – Zoe Chait (USA)


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