Event Dates: February 23rd – March 3rd

Registration Deadline: February 7th


Please see below for important information, including accommodation and transportation options that are recommended by the Local Organizing Committee.

  • Paris 2024 Seeding Order

    The seeding order for Surfing in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be determined based on individual athlete results of the 2024 ISA World Surfing Games (WSG).

    For qualified athletes who do not attend the 2024 WSG 2024, either because their eligibility does not require it or they are injured/other, they will be seeded after the 2024 WSG results in the following order that they qualified:

    1) WSL World Championship Tour (WCT) rank
    2) Continental Qualifying Position from 2023 WSG
    3) Team Champion slot from WSG 2022
    4) Team Champion slot from WSG 2024
    5) Universality slot

    This decision was taken by the ISA Technical Committee and ISA Executive Committee to ensure the most recent comparison of nearly all the athletes in the same event in terms of their performance in a “heavy water” venue. The seeding will also incentivize and motivate all the surfers to attend WSG 2024 if they want to compete for potentially a better seed.

  • Wave Location


    CLICK HERE to see a map overview of each of the 3 podiums. The ISA will run competition at 2 of the 3 podiums (Rastrial, El Pico & Margara) throughout the competition. The podiums will be decided based on swell and conditions.

    These breaks were strategically selected by the ISA and Local Hosts in Puerto Rico as we emphasize the importance of the 2024 WSG venue having similar characteristics to Teahupo’o, the Paris 2024 Olympic Venue for Surfing. While the ISA always encourages participation from all interested National Teams, the 2024 WSG venue is unique in nature and requires a higher level of expertise than previous WSG venues. Please take this into consideration when selecting your National Teams to ensure the performance and safety of your athletes.

    Detailed wave information can be found on each here:

    Rastrial & El Pico

    Red lines indicate rocky shallow shore line with urchins. Podium 1 (Rastrial), the farthest East wave, is mainly a left hand reef break that also offers some shorter right waves. It is not recomended that surfers paddle straight in or out from the sandy beach at Rastrial especially on low tide it can be very dangerous due to sea urchins and the shallow reef. The paddle out for Podium 2 (El Pico) is at the same spot as for el Rastrial. El Pico is an A Frame Peak also reef bottom. That offers barrels and good sections Right and Left with the left being the main wave.


    Podium 3 (Margara) is the farthest west peak. It is a heavy water A-Frame reef break with good barrel sections going left or right. The paddle out area is marked in blue. Although there are other key holes to paddle in at Margara, we recomend competitors use the marked paddle out/in spot through the channel of the Left hand break.

  • Tentative Event Schedule

    Thursday – February 22
    – Press Conference
    Location: TBD
    Time: 2:00pm
    – Managers’ Meeting
    Location: Casa ULANGA
    Time: 7pm-9pm

    Friday – February 23
    – Parade of Nations
    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 3pm
    – Opening Ceremony
    Location: Main Stage / La Marginal
    Time: 3:30pm
    – Music – DJ
    Time: 5:30pm

    Saturday – Feb 24
    – Competition
    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 7:00am – 5pm
    – Music – DJ & Los Cafres
    Location: Main Stage
    Time: 6pm-9pm

    Sunday – Feb 25
    – Competition
    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 7am – 5pm
    – Music- DJ & Gomba Jahbari
    Tarima La Marginal
    Time: 5:30pm-7pm

    Monday – Feb 26
    – Competition
    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 7am – 5pm
    – DJ
    Time: 5pm – 8pm

    Tuesday – Feb 27
    – Competition
    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 7am – 5pm
    – DJ
    Time: 5pm – 8pm

    Wednesday – Feb 28
    – Competition

    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 7am – 5pm
    – DJ
    Time: 5pm – 8pm

     Thursday – Feb 29
    – Competition
    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 7am – 5pm
    – Music – Cultura
    Time: 6pm-8pm

    Friday – March 1
    – Competition
    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 7am – 5pm
    – Music- siete
    Time: 6pm-8pm

    Saturday – March 2
    – Competition
    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 7am – 5pm
    – Music- Los Walters
    Location: Main Stage
    Time: 6pm-8pm

    Sunday – March 3
    – Competition
    Location: La Marginal
    Time: 7am – TBD
    -Awards Ceremonies
    Location: Main Stage
    Time: TBD
    – Aloha Beach Party
    Location: TBC

  • Accommodation

    Please click the link for a comprehensive list of accommodation options.

    Make sure to book your teams accommodation well in advance as tourist season in Puerto Rico is approaching.

  • Transportation

    Please click the link for a comprehensive list of transportation options.

    Make sure to book your teams transporatation well in advance as tourist season in Puerto Rico is approaching.

  • Event Registration

    Registration Deadline: February 7th, 2024

    Registration Fee for each Athlete, Official, or Supporter: $275


    Step 1

    Team Roster Submission: Send your completed 2024 ISA WSG Team Roster Spreadsheet to [email protected]

    Step 2

    Invoicing/ Payment: Once the ISA receives the Team Roster, we will send an invoice for your team. Payment of your invoice will be taken via credit card a QuickBooks  PayPal ([email protected]), or wire transfer. Please make sure to send proof of payment if you are paying via PayPal or wire transfer.

    Step 3

    Line Up Registration: All participants (athletes and support personnel) are required to register through the LineUp. The ISA ([email protected]) will email each Team Manager directly with a unique code to register their team.

    If you are an existing users: Any athlete/team official that has registered through the Line Up for another event will keep their existing account. They just need to log in and agree to the new conditions and upload any new requirements.

  • Team Size

    Open Men: 3 maximum

    Open Women: 3 maximum

    Team Officials / Supporters / Alternates: No Limit (this includes anyone affiliated with the team including family, doctors, team photographers, etc)


    *Considering the 2024 ISA WSG is a Qualifying Event for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, only ISA Members from territories with representation of a National Olympic Committee (NOC) are eligible to compete. More information on Paris 2024 Qualification below.

  • Visas

    If your National Team requires a visa to enter the USA, we urge you to apply as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. If you do not see an appointment available before the competition dates, you should follow the steps to request an expedited appointment. If you have problems scheduling visa appointments, please let us know.

    Please click the following link to download an invitation letter on behalf of the ISA: Invitation Letter to the 2024 ISA WSG

    If a customized letter is required for visa purposes, please email [email protected]

  • Anti-Doping

    As a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code, the ISA implements a strict adherence to the Code as a way to ensure a clean, healthy and fair sporting atmosphere for all athletes.

    In registering for the 2024 ISA WSG, all athletes must adhere to the ISA Anti-Doping Rules which, among other requirements, states that all Athletes competing in ISA World Championships shall be subject to In Competition Testing at any time without advance notice.

    Athletes are responsible for making sure any medication that is taken is not listed on the 2024 WADA Prohibited Substance List.

    For more information regarding the ISA’s Anti-Doping Program, including a link to the ISA Anti-Doping Rules, WADA Prohibited Substance List, instructions on how to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form (TUE), and the contact information for the International Testing Agency, please visit the ISA’s Anti Doping page here: http://www.isasurf.org/development-programs/anti-doping/

  • Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification Details

    The following number of qualification quotas will be earned at the 2024 ISA WSG:

    • Men: Top 6 eligible ranking men + 1 spot for the NOC of highest ranked men’s team
    • Women: Top 8 eligible ranking women + 1 spot for the NOC of highest ranked men’s team

    The list of qualified athletes, the Olympic Qualification System, Eligibility and Nomination Requirements, and all other Olympic-related sources can be found here: https://isasurf.org/event/paris-2024/


  • ISA Rulebook

    Following a review by the ISA Technical Committee and upon the approval of the ISA Executive Committee, a number of important revisions and updates have recently been made to the ISA Rulebook.

    View the updated version of the ISA Rulebook by clicking here: September 2023 ISA Rulebook

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