41 Young Surfers from Around the World Awarded ISA Scholarships

March 3rd, 2022


USD $20,000 provided to grassroots surfers from underserved communities

2022 ISA Scholarship application process now open


The International Surfing Association (ISA) is delighted to confirm the latest group of young surfers from around the world who have been granted special ISA Scholarships.

41 youth surfers from 18 countries will now share USD $20,000 after applying for the 2021 ISA Scholarship Program.

Scholarship recipients are selected based on their financial need as well as dedication to education and surfing. The geographical spread and the diversity of the recipients also highlights the ISA’s mission to expand surfing to new regions and engage new participants and fans.

The young surfers hail from nations including Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Morocco, Philippines, Senegal, Thailand and Venezuela.

Yacine Samba from Senegal.

President Fernando Aguerre established the ISA Scholarship Program in 2007 which has awarded more than USD $368,500 in grants to benefit the lives and surfing careers of more than 350 surfers.

Several recipients of ISA Scholarships have developed into elite, competitive surfers and have gone on to claim medals at senior ISA events. They include Daniela Rosas, (PER), Carlos Muñoz (CRC) and Chelsea Tuach (BAR). Rosas qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by winning the gold medal in the Women’s Shortboard at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

To see a full list of all past and present ISA Scholarship recipients, click here.

The 2022 ISA Scholarship application process has now opened (until April 30 2022) and young surfers can submit their entries here.

ISA President Fernando Aguerre said:

“It is always a special moment when the ISA awards our annual scholarship grants to these amazing young surfers. Our mission is to inspire the youth and help them in their journey of education and surfing adventure.

“These surfers are the future of our sport and they will take it forward to reach new heights. I’m filled with joy that the ISA can provide them with this support and I wish them every success. I am proud that we have been able to contribute to the development of young surfing careers in virtually every part of the world since 2007.  There’s not doubt that the ISA Scholarship Program has had an important impact on those from underserved and disadvantaged communities.

“The ISA is fully committed to ensuring equal opportunity for the youth who want to pursue surfing as their dream so these grants help to open pathways and create greater accessibility. Many of these young people have faced hardship at home so it is our duty to offer them every chance to succeed and fulfil their great potential. I hope to see many more scholarship ambassadors reach the pinnacle of the sport, win more gold medals and hopefully one day become Olympic champions.”

Meet the winners

To view profiles on all 41 ISA Scholarship ambassadors for 2022, click here.

Brazil – Sarah Souza Ozorio

Brazil – Letícia Calleia

Chile – Isidora Fernandez

Chile – Matilda Ignacia Fernández Lara

Costa Rica – Madeline Samoa Inneken Solano

Costa Rica – Loany Alvarez Marín

Costa Rica – Eli Sol Hernández León

Ecuador – Tomás Vergara

Ecuador – Juan Arturo Lopez Borbor

El Salvador – Julissa Garcia

Fiji – Kiesha Wakeham

Fiji – Niko Ravouvou Muller

Guatemala – Ashley Yomaira Zaldaña Machic

Guatemala – Maria Elizabeth Franco Castillo

India – Sivaraj Babu

India – Pradeep Pujar

India – Raju Pujar

India – Harish Muthu

Indonesia – Abdul Feri

Indonesia – Alfan Alfan

Indonesia – Gunawan House

Jamaica – Aimi Gordon

Jamaica – Corey Valentine

Jamaica – Shaqueal Grant

Maldives – Zayaan Ismail

Morocco – Rayan Elouedrhiri

Peru – Mariano Robles

Peru – Manuel Robles

Philippines – Vea Estrellado

Senegal – Déguene Thioune

Senegal – Yacine Samba

Senegal – Assane Samb

Senegal – Issa Diouf

Thailand – Natthapon Yamsila

Trinidad and Tobago – Esther Hares

Trinidad and Tobago – Kevon Skinner

Trinidad and Tobago – Theon Cuffy

Venezuela – Arturo Barreto

Venezuela – Leonel Rodriguez

Venezuela – Ayllen Villarroel

Venezuela – Jhony Montiel


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