2022 WJSC Surfline Forecast

June 3rd, 2022
Brief Overview:
  • Solid SW swell builds further and peaks later Fri into Sat, easing Sun
  • Short period SW/W swell mixes in on Friday for somewhat jumbled conditions. The short period swell eases over the weekend
  • W wind continues on Friday; return to light side/offshore early morning wind for the weekend
FRIDAY 3rd: Building 5-8’ faces with sets to 10’ later in the day. Slightly jumbled and mixed up
SWELL/SURF: Long period SW swell continues tobuild slowly but steadily, strongest late. Short period WSW windswell continues for slightly jumbled conditions.
WIND: Light sideshore WNW wind in the morning. Potential for passing storms in the morning for stronger wind temporarily. Light+ SW wind 5-8kts for the afternoon.
SATURDAY 4th: Holding 6-8’ occ 10’ faces, strongest in the morning and easing some for the afternoon. Cleaner
SWELL/SURF: Long period SW swell holds. Short period SW/WSW windswell should ease some from previous days with surf not as mixed up.
WIND:  Weak NE to ENE wind early morning becoming light southerly 5-7kts for the afternoon.
SUNDAY 5th: Decreasing 5-7’ faces, strongest during the first half of the day and easing over the afternoon
SWELL/SURF: SW swell eases through the day. Short period WSW will also likely fade for minimal jumble and generally clean, straight swell/surf
WIND: Weak NE to ENE wind early morning becoming light southerly 5-7kts for the afternoon.
Swell/Surf Outlook
Long period SW swell will build further on Friday with a peak later Friday into Saturday before easing Sunday. This SW swell should actually be a touch larger than the Mon-Tue swell, although we won’t have the mid period Agatha swell running so the overall surf should close in size. Sets will be in the overhead to a few feet overhead range as it peaks.
The stronger W wind and short period WSW windswell that we’ve seen over the past day or two will trend out during the last three days of the event window. Day-by-day wind conditions are above but overall we expect much lighter wind and even some glassy mornings for the weekend. The short period swell should also trend out and will be just about gone by the end of the weekend and we should have some really fun waves for the last couple days of the event.
Next Update: Saturday Evening, June 4th (local time)

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