2022 Pismo Beach ISA World Para Surfing Championship Opens with Largest Ever Gathering of Para Surfers

December 4th, 2022

Pismo Beach, California, USA – December 5, 2022

he 2022 Pismo Beach ISA World Para Surfing Championship (WPSC) officially opened today on California’s beautiful Central Coast with a powerful Opening Ceremony, notable for its massive attendance.

The biggest ever Para Surfing Parade of Nations featured over 180 of the world’s best Para Surfers, representing 28 national teams, and 9 different Para Surfing Sport Classes, coming together to wave their flags in celebration along the famous Pismo Beach boardwalk.

The field includes 60 women para surfers, which represents a 20 percent growth from the previous year and over 33 percent of the total participation in the event.

Opening Ceremony. Photo: ISA / Sean Evans

One member from each national team poured sand from their local beach into a single container for the ISA’s signature Sands of the World ceremony, a symbol of the peaceful gathering of nations of the world through surfing.

A representative from the local indigenous yak titʸu titʸu yak tiłhini Northern Chumash tribe welcomed the athletes to their traditional lands, providing a blessing for all gathered.

Dignitaries in attendance included Mayor of Pismo Beach, Ed Waage, President and Founder of AmpSurf, Dana Cummings, ISA Executive Board Member, Kimifumi Imoto, and ISA Executive Director, Robert Fasulo.

President and Founder of AmpSurf, Dana Cummings, a Pismo Beach local, welcomed the gathered athletes and officials to his home by borrowing the theme song of Team South Africa, “We are one community, and we are one team, and we are one dream. Thank you all for being here!”

Speaking by video, ISA President Fernando Aguerre shared:

“Surfing, since January this year, is a permanent sport in the Olympic Games. This means that for years to come surfing will be included in the Games. It has not been an easy path, it has not been an easy paddle, but this prepares us for a larger, difficult paddle to become a Paralympic sport in the LA 2028 Olympic Games. We hope that this becomes a reality. It’s not easy, we’ve been working since 2015. But with your help and the help of all para surfers, and the Para Surfing community around the world, I’m sure we will make this happen.”

The 2022 WPSC is set to begin with Men’s Kneel at 7:00am, Monday, December 5, at Pismo Beach Pier.

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