2022 ISA SUP and Paddleboard World Championship Surfline Forecast

November 1st
Fun size shot of swell/surf Tuesday-Thursday with modest trade winds and decent conditions.

Brief Overview:


  • Fun size shot of swell/surf through Thursday with modest trade winds and decent conditions
  • Still some rideable surf Friday into the weekend but not as good compared to Tue-Thur
  • New N/NNE swell due Sunday

WEDNESDAY 2nd: Chest-shoulder high up to head high surf.

SWELL/SURF: Mid period NNE swell on tap. This is nothing huge but sets up a fun, decent size bump of surf.

WIND: Nearly identical to Tuesday – winds/conditions best in the AM with ESE breezes. Winds bend more E/ENE for the PM making conditions textured but still plenty manageable.


THURSDAY 3rd: Chest-chest+ high surf. Slightly smaller surf end of the day.

SWELL/SURF: We are hitting the back end of the swell. Still plenty of swell/fun surf though through the day. Still a few very occasional slightly bigger set waves but seeing less and less of these through the day.

WIND: Good winds/conditions in the AM with SE/ESE breezes. Winds bend more E/ENE late morning through midday but remain pretty light keeping decent conditions in place over the PM hours – just a lite texture/ruffle on the ocean.


FRIDAY 4th: Waist high surf. Still a few very occasional chest high peaks/sets AM but seeing less and less of those through the day.

SWELL/SURF: Swell/surf on the fade – still rideable but not as good as the Tue-Thur stretch of surf.

WIND: Winds/conditions potentially favorable through the day pending a weak nearby trough axis. Winds are ESE/SE through the day.


SATURDAY 5th: Knee-thigh up to waist high surf.

SWELL/SURF: One of the smaller days with some N swell/trade swell mix in the water

WIND: Winds/conditions potentially favorable through the day pending a weak nearby trough axis. Winds are ESE/SE through the day.


SUNDAY 6th: Potential for at least head high surf and possible overhead surf.

SWELL/SURF: New N/NNE swell fills in overnight and looking at our next shot of swell/surf. Still not super concrete on the exact size but good chance of NNE swell to occur.

WIND: Winds/conditions a bit uncertain around some localized weather features. Winds fairly light but shifty at times.

Swell/Surf Outlook

The low we have been watching the past few days which is now Tropical Storm Martin has drifted further east and we have seen winds along the western side of this storm within the PR window. This adds in an additional pulse of mid period N swell mixing in with our already established NNE swell resulting in a pretty consistent day of surf Wednesday 

Swell holds into midweek with surf in the chest-shoulder high range with some head high peaks/sets around the peak of the swell Wednesday. Thursday still offers up fun size chest-chest+ surf but staring to slowly taper off later in the day. Friday comes in smaller compared to Thursday – around the waist high range. Overall this is a fun shot of surf and the best days are Wednesday-Thursday. We are looking at a fairly seasonal wind pattern through Thursday with best winds/conditions in the AM and modest to moderate ENE trade winds for the PM setting up textured but okay conditions. 

Surf continues heading into the weekend from a mix of older, lower period N swell and trade swell mix. Plenty rideable/surfable Saturday but not as good compared to the Tue-Thur swell. Finally, winds between Martin and strong high pressure pushing off the US East Coast late this week sends another N/NNE swell to to the island for Sunday. This potentially come-on solid with head-overhead surf possible.

In the tropics, outside of the above mentioned swell, Martin does not impact and is not a threat to the island. Lisa is also not a threat as it tracks over Central America. Longer term we are watching a broad low over the Caribbean late week. As mentioned in the last update, anything that forms in this type of pattern is usually non-threatening, but may impact local winds/conditions, perhaps even favorably.

Next Update: Thursday Evening, November 3rd 


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