The International Surfing Association (ISA) is thrilled to announce the return of the ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship (WLSC), taking place in Surf City El Salvador May 7-13, 2023.

Below you will find all the relevant information for participating National Teams

  • How to Register


    1. Have one (1) representative from your National Federation confirm your team’s attendance to the ISA by sending an email to [email protected].
    2. Complete the team roster spreadsheet and send the completed version to [email protected].
    3. An invoice will be sent to the email addresses provided on the team roster spreadsheet. Payment of your invoice will be taken via Credit Card, PayPal ([email protected]), or wire transfer
    4. Once the invoice has been paid, participants will receive instructions for event registration via “The LineUp”online platform.
    • The 2023 Surf City El Salvador ISA WLSC is a Qualification Event for both the AWBG 2023 and Pan Am Games 2023, only National Teams with NOC representation are able to compete.

    Closing of Registration (April 21st 2023): All payment and online registration must be complete and received by the ISA to participate. If your team is submitting an international wire transfer, plan accordingly considering international transfers take several days to appear. We will not accept the participation of any unpaid individuals following April 21.

    Registration Fees:

    The cost of registration is $275 USD.

    Registration is charged to all those attending with the National Team. This includes coaches, managers, team doctors, team media, family, friends, etc.

    All participants must be approved by the National Federation

    National Teams will not be allowed to participate if there is any outstanding debt with the ISA.

  • Team Size

    Open Men:
    2 Athletes

    Open Women:
    2 Athletes

    Officials and Supporters:
    Any Number

  • Event Schedule

    May 6: Managers’ Meeting

    May 7: Opening Ceremony, Competition TBC

    May 8-12: Competition days

    May 13: Finals and Closing Ceremony

  • Accommodations

    The list of accommodations near the event can be found at the following link:


    For rented houses, it will be necessary that the participants send the address and information in order to send the inspection of the Ministry of Health to ensure the implementation of biosecurity protocols if needed. 


    The contact to coordinate this verification is Mercedes Silva ([email protected] or mobile phone +(503) 7862-1912)

  • ISA Rulebook

    Following a review by the ISA Technical Committee and upon the approval of the ISA Executive Committee, a number of important revisions and updates have recently been made to the ISA Rulebook.

    View the updated version of the ISA Rulebook by clicking here:

  • Anti-Doping

    As a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code, the ISA implements a strict adherence to the Code as a way to ensure a clean, healthy and fair sporting atmosphere for all athletes.

    In registering for the 2023 ISA WLSC, all athletes must adhere to the ISA Anti-Doping Rules which, among other requirements, states that all Athletes competing in ISA World Championships shall be subject to In Competition Testing at any time, with or without advance notice.

    Athletes are responsible for making sure any medication that is taken is not listed on the 2022 WADA Prohibited Substance List.

    For more information regarding the ISA’s Anti-Doping Program, including a link to the ISA Anti-Doping Rules, WADA Prohibited Substance List, instructions on how to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form (TUE), and the contact information for the International Testing Agency, please visit the ISA’s Anti Doping page here:

  • 2023 ANOC World Beach Game Qualification

    We are pleased to provide you with some key information on the surfing competitions for the upcoming ANOC World Beach Games (AWBG), taking place from August 5-12 2023 in Bali, Indonesia.

    The ANOC World Beach Games are a relatively new, multi-sport event in the Olympic Movement created by ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committees).  We were pleased to see surfing (shortboard and longboard) included as a recognition of our value and success following the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

    Combining the informality and vibrancy of the beach with elite sport, the AWBG is the only global youth-centric festival of beach, water and action sports, created specifically for the benefit of the Olympic Movement and their athletes.

    The complete Qualification System for surfing, including the Invitation Place Allocation Procedure, was recently released to all National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

    Please read the below information carefully as it further details the AWBG, gives links to the corresponding Qualification System and Invitation Place Allocation Procedure, and addresses Frequently Asked Questions:

    How many sports are in the AWBG?
    14 Sports: Surfing, Aquathon, Beach Handball, Beach Soccer, Beach Tennis, Beach Volleyball 4×4, Beach Waterpolo, Beach Wrestling, Individual Kata, Open Water Swimming 5km, 3×3 Basketball, Air Badminton, Beach Spring Rowing, and WingFoil Racing.

    What disciplines of Surfing are included?
    Shortboard (32 men; 32 women)
    Longboard (16 men; 16 women)

    Where in Bali will Surfing be held?
    Canguu Beach

    What events will qualify quota places for the AWBG?
    2023 Surf City El Salvador ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship – May 7-13; El Salvador
    2023 Surf City El Salvador ISA World Surfing Games – May 30-June 7; El Salvador

    Is qualification allocated to an athlete or an NOC?
    Quota places for all qualification and host country places is allocated to the NOC. The selection of the athletes should be made by the NOC in consultation with your National Federation.

    Where can I access the full Qualification System for Surfing?
    The QS has been released directly to each NOC. In addition, it can be found on the AWBG website here.

    How do you earn an Invitation Place?
    Six (6) quota places – _two (2) in Shortboard in each gender and one (1) in Longboard in each gender – will be made available as invitation places to eligible NOCs to participate at the AWBG 2023.

    For invitation places, the quota places are allocated to the athlete(s). Hence, only the athletes that were selected by the Invitation Commission can compete for their NOC in the event for which the invitation place is allocated. More details regarding this process are found in the official Invitation Place Allocation Procedure (link). If eligible, we encourage you to get in touch with NOC as soon as possible to coordinate an application for a surfer from your country.

    When is the deadline to apply for an Invitation Place?
    March 1, 2023

    How do I learn more?
    We encourage you to be in regular communication with your NOCs as they are the resource for all things related to the AWBG. If you have questions that are not addressed by your NOC, please contact ISA Director of Sport and Athlete Relations, Megan Burns, at [email protected].

  • 2023 Pan Am Games Qualification

    The Pan American (Pan Am) Games is a continental multi-sport event for countries from the Americas. The 2023 Pan Am Games will take place in Santiago, Chile from October 20 to November 5, 2023, of which Surfing (Shortboard, Longboard, SUP Surf, and SUP Race) will take part.

    The 2023 ISA WLSC will serve as one of the Qualifying Events for top ranking athletes from the Americas to qualify for the 2023 Pan Am Games. A summary of the athletes per discipline that will qualify are as follows:

    • Longboard – top-ranking four (4) Men and top-ranking four (4) Women.

    The complete Qualification System for the 2023 Pan Am Games can be found HERE that further details the Qualifying Events, quota maximum per discipline/country, hierarchy of events, etc.

    To consult the ISA Rulebook that applies to all Qualification Events and the 2023 Pan Am Games, please click here.

    Only ISA Members from territories with representation of a National Olympic Committee (NOC) are eligible to compete at the 2023 ISA WLSC. This applies to all attending countries, regardless of continent.

  • Entry Requirements
    • It is important that your passport at the time of entry is valid and that its validity reaches the duration of your stay.  
    • Take into account that in certain countries, the connection flight may require 6 months of validity on your passport. 
    • Citizens of some countries do not require a visa to enter El Salvador for a visit that does not exceed 90 days :  

    Some visa-exempt nationalities may require a TOURIST CARD, which is acquired at the border points of entry to the country and that has a cost of USD 12. 


    To verify that your country is exempt from a visa, click on the following link: 

    If your country is not listed then you need to apply for a Consular Visa at one of the Diplomatic Representations of El Salvador abroad or for a Consulted Visa obtained through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador. 


    Additionally, all migrants must take into consideration the following:  

    1. a) The maximum length of stay that can be granted to a tourist is 90 days. If an extension is required, an individual may request one in a year to the Migration Department.


    1. b) The citizens of some countries of South America and Africa, as well as Panama, are required to be vaccinated against yellow fever 15 days prior to their trip to El Salvador and must carry the vaccination certificate or card since it could be required by the health authorities of El Salvador at the point of entry into the territory.


    For any consultation regarding immigration requirements prior to entry, please contact Lorena Guardado at [email protected] and Tyler Best at [email protected]

  • Transportation

    The government of El Salvador will provide free of charge transportation for each team with their own car/driver for the following dates: 

    ISA LSC: May 7 – May 13 


    Other general information to consider: 

    • Each delegation is responsible for their transportation to and from the airport.
    • If any participant wishes to leave on their own, it is recommended to use the taxi or Uber service contacted through the reception at your hotel. 
    • In El Salvador taxis do not have taximeters and therefore the fare of the trip must be negotiated by the visitor before using the service.
    • The UBER franchise provides service in El Salvador and can be used by downloading the application on your mobile phone.
    • Below are recommended tourist transport companies:  


    For any questions regarding your designated transportation, you can contact Lya Salazar, tel. +(503) 7855-6958 or mail [email protected] 


    If a team wants to extend the use of their vehicle paying for the service, they need to contact Fernando Ortiz at the email: [email protected] 

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