Below you will find all the relevant information for participating National Teams

  • Accommodation Options

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  • Team Size

    Open Men: 3 maximum

    Open Women: 3 maximum

    Team Officials / Supporters / Alternates: No Limit (this includes anyone affiliated with the team including family, doctors, team photographers, etc)


    *Considering the 2022 ISA WSG is a Qualifying Event for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, only ISA Members from territories with representation of a National Olympic Committee (NOC) are eligible to compete. More information on Paris 2024 Qualification below.

  • How To Register

    Now – September 2:

    1. Team Roster Submission: Have one (1) representative from your National Federation confirm your team’s attendance to the ISA. If your team roster is ready, include the completed 2022 WSG Team Roster Spreadsheet and send to [email protected]
    2. Invoicing/ Payment: Once the ISA receives the Team Roster, or at least an indication of the total number of participants registering with your team, including all team officials/alternates/support/etc, we can proceed with an invoice. Payment of your invoice will be taken via Credit Card, PayPal ([email protected]), or wire transfer
    3. Line Up Registration:
      • The ISA is proud to be using The LineUp, a new online platform, for all event registration
      • All participants (athletes and support personnel) are required to register through the LineUp.
        • New Users: The ISA ([email protected]) will email each Team Manager directly with a unique code to register their team at this time.
        • Existing users: Any athlete/team official that has registered through the Line Up either at the 2021 ISA WSG or another event will keep their existing account. They just need to log in and agree to the new conditions and upload any new requirements.
        • The LineUp will require the following:
          • Bio
          • Headshot: photo to be used for identification badges and profiles on the ISA website.
            Photo must be from the waist up, against a white wall, without any accessories (hats, sunglasses, etc.), and preferably in team uniform (optional)
          • Passport photo
          • Proof of COVID Vaccination Card
          • Consent to Code of Conduct Forms, COVID Commitment Letters, Anti-Doping Policy agreements, Indemnity Forms

    September 2:

    • Closing of Registration. All payment and online registration must be complete and received by the ISA to participate. If your team is submitting an international wire transfer, plan accordingly considering international transfers take several days to appear. We will not accept the participation of any unpaid individuals following September 2.

    Registration Fees:

    • The cost of registration is $275 USD.
    • Registration is charged to all those attending with the National Team. This includes coaches, managers, team doctors, team media, family, friends, etc.
    • All participants must be approved by the National Federation
    • National Teams will not be allowed to participate if there is any outstanding debt with the ISA.
  • VISA Processing

    We have been notified that consular processing remains backlogged at most US Embassies and Consulates. If your National Team requires a visa to enter the USA, we urge you to apply as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. If you do not see an appointment available before the competition dates, you should follow the steps to request an expedited appointment. If you have problems scheduling visa appointments, please let us know.

  • COVID Requirements

    Please note – in view of the evolving health situation in the U.S. and globally, the ISA will no longer be requiring any further proof of vaccination to participate in the 2022 ISA WSG.

    This requirement is being removed from the Line Up Registration System and the COVID Commitment Letter has been updated accordingly. We will however still ask all participants to agree to the COVID Commitment Letter during Line Up Registration and to follow a minimum health/safety protocol for the overall safety of the event.

    It is important to note, however, as per the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines, a vaccination card with a full round of vaccines is still currently required to enter the United States. Only FDA/WHO approved vaccines are accepted. Further guidance from the CDC can be found here:

  • Invitation Letter

    Please click the following link to download an invitation letter on behalf of the ISA: Invitation to 2022 ISA WSG_ISA Members

    If a customized letter is required for visa purposes, please email [email protected]

  • ISA Rulebook

    Following a review by the ISA Technical Committee and upon the approval of the ISA Executive Committee, a number of important revisions and updates have recently been made to the ISA Rulebook.

    View the updated version of the ISA Rulebook by clicking here:

  • Schedule

    *Schedule subject to change by the ISA

    Now: Registration Open for National Teams

    August: Line Up Registration Requirement for Participants. ISA will confirm via email.

    September 2: Deadline for registration. All payment/Line Up registration must be complete and received by the ISA, no exceptions.

    September 15: Managers’ Meeting with two representatives per National Team required to attend. Heats and Schedule confirmed for Day 1 of competition.

    September 16: Opening Ceremony and Open Men Competition Start (TBC)

    September 17-18: Competition (Open Men)

    September 19: Competition (Open Men & Open Women)** Note, this will be the first day of competition for Open Women to allow for the participation of women competing in the Super Girl Pro.

    September 20-23: Competition (Open Men & Open Women)

    September 24: Finals Day (Open Men & Open Women)

  • Anti-Doping

    As a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code, the ISA implements a strict adherence to the Code as a way to ensure a clean, healthy and fair sporting atmosphere for all athletes.

    In registering for the 2022 ISA WSG, all athletes must adhere to the ISA Anti-Doping Rules which, among other requirements, states that all Athletes competing in ISA World Championships shall be subject to In Competition Testing at any time, with or without advance notice.

    Athletes are responsible for making sure any medication that is taken is not listed on the 2022 WADA Prohibited Substance List.

    For more information regarding the ISA’s Anti-Doping Program, including a link to the ISA Anti-Doping Rules, WADA Prohibited Substance List, instructions on how to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form (TUE), and the contact information for the International Testing Agency, please visit the ISA’s Anti Doping page here:

  • Insurance

    The ISA strongly recommends that each team procures travel insurance (including, but not limited to accident, liability and medical) for all of their participants.

    We suggest that team insurance cover accidents or injuries sustained while in the USA, including those treated in the USA or in the country of their return upon leaving the USA.

  • Paris 2024 Olympic Games Qualification

    The 2022 ISA World Surfing Games is part of the official Olympic Qualification System for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, with Surfing taking place in Teahupo’o, Tahiti, French Polynesia.

    The following qualification places are made available at the 2022 ISA World Surfing Games:

    • The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of the highest ranked team for Men at the 2022 ISA WSG will obtain one (1) quota place. The quota is allocated to the NOC who will determine the name of the athlete selected to represent their NOC in 2024.
    • The NOC of the highest ranked team for Women at the 2022 ISA WSG will obtain one (1) quota place. The quota is allocated to the NOC who will determine the name of the athlete selected to represent their NOC in 2024.

    NOCs will decide the participating athlete(s) in 2024 following the completion of the Qualification System.

    The complete Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification System can be downloaded from here:


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