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Surf City El Salvador ISA World Surfing Games

Info for Event Participants

Surf City El Salvador ISA World Surfing Games

Info for Event Participants

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The 2021 Surf City El Salvador ISA World Surfing Games is right around the corner. Below you will find all the relevant information for athletes, team officials, and media.

  • How to register
    1. Invoicing: If you have not yet sent through an invoice request, please complete the 2021 WSG Team Roster Spreadsheet and email it back to [email protected]. At that time, we can proceed with your invoice request.
    2. Registration Price: Considering the condensed registration window, we will be offering one flat-rate of $275 per registration from now until the closing of registration.
    3. Payment Conditions: To accommodate a condensed registration window, we will be requiring registration payments to be grouped as one payment per team and will not be accepting individual payments.
      1. *If there are limitations preventing your country from meeting these terms, please contact us.
    4. Deadline: All payments must be received by the ISA by May 15 in order for your team to be registered.
    5. Payment Type:
      1. Wire Transfer: strongly encouraged. Bank account details will be found on your invoice.
      2. PayPal: [email protected] or
      3. Credit Card (link)
    6. Mandatory Online Registration Requirements: In the coming week, we will be in touch with your National Team to send through a unique link for your team that must be completed by all participating athletes and team officials. Given the nature of this event, we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring this process is completed at the soonest possible convenience, no later than May 15.
  • Health and bio-safety plan

    In close cooperation with our partners in El Salvador, the ISA has approved the official Health and Bio-Safety Plan (click here for English and here for Spanish) with a Special Emphasis in COVID Countermeasures. Please take the necessary time to read this document carefully as there are many measures that will impact your team’s participation. Please also note that each participant will be required to sign a code/letter of commitment binding each participant to respecting the Plan and the specific COVID countermeasures.

    Here follows some key highlights of the plan and the requirements for the teams, as well as some additional useful information surrounding the operations of the event:

    Updated entry requirements into ESA

    • Vaccinations
      • Not vaccinated against COVID-19, or if you’ve only received one of two vaccines: Travelers must present a negative COVID-19 result within 72 hours of arrival to El Salvador (PCR, NAAT or LAMP as well).
      • Fully vaccinated against COVID-19: Travelers must present the vaccination certificate with all doses, depending on the type of vaccine.
    • Travel Restrictions
      • El Salvador: Travel bans have been lifted from travelers from the United Kingdom and South Africa
      • US Transit: The list of COVID-restricted countries that are not allowed to transit through the U.S.A. can be found here. Anyone who is not a US citizen or legal permanent resident and has been in one of these restricted countries within 14 days of travel is advised to look into alternate flight routes that avoid transit through the U.S.A.

    Testing requirements

    All athletes, team officials, event staff and volunteers must obtain a PCR test between May 24 and May 27 either at the at the event site of El Sunzal, or at the airport. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you are not tested by this deadline, you will not be eligible to participate.

    Each National Team will be considered a “bubble”. Co-mingling between other national teams is strictly forbidden.

    Team size maximum

    There will be a maximum of one team official per athlete allowed to register. For example, a full team of 6 athletes can have a maximum of 6 team officials. A team of one athlete can register one team official. This policy is adopted after observation of other Olympic sports’ best practices and the intention is to limit the potential exposure rate and ensure the safest possible competition for all teams.

    Condensed registration window

    The ISA will be accepting registration payment and online forms between April 15 – May 15. If you require an invoice or invitation letter prior to that time, please let us know.


    Upon arrival at the airport, all participants will receive their event wristbands which are part of a digital contact tracing system. Each wristband has a unique ID number for contact tracing and to monitor health updates. These wristbands must remain on for the duration of the contest. More information on the system and mobile app that will be required to be downloaded will be provided at a later date.


    Each team will be assigned a car/driver, free of charge, from May 24 until June 7, including transfers to and from the airport. Teams will only be allowed transport between their accommodation, the event site, the designated training site at El Zonte, and approved stores/restaurants. Personal vehicles are strictly prohibited. If a delegation needs a vehicle before or after the dates mentioned, a list of approved transportation companies will be made available.

    Private event and training site

    El Sunzal, La Bocana, and El Zonte are the approved breaks for athletes to train/surf during their stay in El Salvador. These breaks will be closed to the public from May 24 – June 6. We are exploring the potential of having specific training times for each National Team and will announce more on this subject in the coming weeks.

    Event site time-limit

    Measures are being put in place to limit the amount of time able to spend at the event site before/after a heat. More information will be provided on this policy in the coming weeks.

    Local host

    A local event host will be assigned to each National Team for any assistance needed during the stay in El Salvador. You will receive your team’s specific contact details prior to the event.

  • Airline discounts

    Click Here to view the specific airline discounts offered to participants in the 2021 ISA WSG.

  • Accommodation

    The Ministry of Health approval is required for all accommodations. The verified accommodation options can be found HERE. Accommodation must be on approved list of options. If your National Team has already booked accommodation through a various location, it is imperative that you contact Mercedes Silva ([email protected]) to inquire if an exceptional circumstance can be approved by the Ministry of Health.

  • Coordination of Logistics

    Each National Team will be required to provide the travel itineraries of each participant with Dhina Camacho ([email protected])no later than May 15.

  • Elimination of in-person meetings

    Given the ongoing restrictions on in person and large gatherings, we will be hosting the ISA Managers’ Meeting virtually. The ISA Annual General Meeting will also be held virtually at a later date, not during the ISA WSG. More details will be released in the coming months as they become available.

  • Contingency plan

    The IOC is requiring that all International Federations prepare a contingency plan to address the reallocation of remaining quota places should any Olympic Qualification Events be unable to run or be canceled mid-event due to COVID-19. The official contingency plan will be released at the beginning of April.

  • Olympic eligibility requirements

    Please note that the ISA Olympic Eligibility and Nomination Requirements, as approved by the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee, remain in force in their entirety.  The only exemptions foreseen are detailed in paragraphs 1.6 and 1.7 of these Requirements.  More information on the requirements for filing an appeal or application to The Panel will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

  • Media

    In order to create a safe environment for athletes, staff, and media at the Event, the ISA is restricting the amount of media that will be present at the event site.

    Remote coverage of the event is highly encouraged. The ISA will be providing daily photo and video content to facilitate your coverage of the event.

    National Federations:
    Any media representing a National Federation must register as a team official AND will count towards the team’s quota of one official per athlete.

    General Media:
    Independent media will not be allowed on the event site except for special circumstances. Inquire within the ISA if you have any questions. (See media contact below.)

    Media protocol:

    • Any media personnel attending the event site must follow the same testing and health procedures/protocol as all event athletes and staff.
    • National Federation media must arrive to and vacate the event site as their athletes are competing. i.e. Media cannot arrive earlier or stay later than the scheduled times for their athletes.
    • Media will have access to specified areas of the event site to work and collect content. A media pass does not grant access to the entire site and/or beach. Exact plans and maps of the access zones will be shared at a later date. All interviews will be done in a designated mixed zone.
    • Failure to follow health and safety protocols may result in removal of media credentials. No warnings need to be given.
    • ISA will accommodate media requests to arrange virtual interviews where possible.
    • The ISA grants media the right to cover the event and use ISA media content free of charge ONLY for editorial purposes. Media working on projects for commercial purposes will be subject to rights and/or technical fees at the ISA’s discretion. Inquire within the ISA to see if your media plans apply.
    • Media conducting interviews must have proper equipment that does not require them to come within 2 meters distance of an athlete (i.e. shotgun microphone OK vs lavalier microphone NOT OK)

    With any media questions, please contact ISA Media Manager Evan Quarnstrom ([email protected]).

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