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2023 Rio de Janeiro ISA World Junior Surfing Championship

Info for Event Participants

November 24 – December 3 / Macumba & Prainha, Brazil
2023 Rio de Janeiro ISA World Junior Surfing Championship

Info for Event Participants

November 24 – December 3 / Macumba & Prainha, Brazil
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The 2023 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ISA World Junior Surfing Championship (WJSC)  is right around the corner. Below you will find all the relevant information for participating National Teams.

  • Wave Location

    The sites of the 2023 ISA WJSC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be Prainha and Macumba Beach

  • Accommodation
  • Event Registration

    How to Register?

    1. Have one (1) representative from your National Federation confirm your team’s attendance to the ISA by completing this form or by sending an email to [email protected].
    2. Download and complete the team roster spreadsheet and send the completed version to [email protected].
    3. An invoice will be sent to the email addresses provided on the team roster spreadsheet. Payment of your invoice will be taken via Credit Card, PayPal ([email protected]), or wire transfer.
    4. Once the invoice has been paid, participants will receive instructions for creating an online profile via “The LineUp” platform.

    Closing of Registration (November 9th, 2023): All payment and online registration must be complete and received by the ISA to participate. If your team is submitting an international wire transfer, plan accordingly considering international transfers take several days to appear. We will not accept the participation of any unpaid individuals following November 9th.

    Registration Fees:

    • The cost of registration is $275 USD.
    • Registration is charged to all those attending with the National Team. This includes coaches, managers, team doctors, team media, family, friends, etc.
    • All participants must be approved by the National Federation
    • Registration is charged per division. If an athlete competes in both Under 16 and Under 18, they are required to pay two registration fees.
    • National Teams will not be allowed to participate if there is any outstanding debt with the ISA.
  • Tentative Event Schedule

    Tentative Schedule of Events

    *The ISA Reserves the right to make changes to the schedule at their discretion



    • Thursday, Nov 9
      • Closing of Registration


    • Thursday, Nov 23
      • Managers’ Meeting (2 people per National Federation)
        • Location: TBD
        • Time: 7pm-9pm


    • Friday, Nov 24
      • Press conference
        • Location: TBD
        • Time: 9am (TBD)
      • Parade of Nations & Opening Ceremony
        • Location: Macumba
        • Time: 11:00am
      • Potential Start of Contest


    • Saturday, Nov 25 – Sunday , Dec 3
      • Contest
        • Location: Prainha and Macumba
        • Time: Sunrise to Sunset


    • Sunday, Dec 3
      • Final day of Competition
        • Location: Prainha
        • Time: Sunrise to Sunset


      • Anti-Doping Testing for finalists


      • Closing Ceremonies
        • Location: Prainha or Macumba (TBD)
        • Time: 20-30min after last heat

    *The ISA Reserves the right to make changes to the schedule at their discretion

  • Team Size

    Under 18 Boys: 3

    Under 18 Girls: 3

    Under 16 Boys: 3

    Under 16 Girls: 3

    Team Officials / Supporters: No limit


    Age Requirement:

    If competing in U16, the athlete must not turn 17 on/before December 31, 2023.

    If competing in U18, the athlete must not turn 19 on/before December 31, 2023.

  • Transportation
    • National Teams are responsible for their transportation unless specifically booked through the accommodation platform ps://
    • Shuttles will be provided between Macumba and Prainha Event Sites.
    • A parking lot for National Federation Rental Cars will be located at the main Macumba Beach area
  • Visas

    Please research the entry requirements for Brazil before you begin your travel.


    • If you require an invitation letter from the ISA, please contact [email protected]
    • If you require an invitation letter from the Brazilian Organizing Committee and Government, please contact [email protected]

  • Anti-Doping

    As a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code, the ISA implements a strict adherence to the Code as a way to ensure a clean, healthy and fair sporting atmosphere for all athletes.

    In registering for the 2023 ISA WJSC, all athletes must adhere to the ISA Anti-Doping Rules which, among other requirements, states that all Athletes competing in ISA World Championships shall be subject to In Competition Testing at any time, with or without advance notice.

    Athletes are responsible for making sure any medication that is taken is not listed on the 2023 WADA Prohibited Substance List.

    For more information regarding the ISA’s Anti-Doping Program, including a link to the ISA Anti-Doping Rules, WADA Prohibited Substance List, instructions on how to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form (TUE), and the contact information for the International Testing Agency, please visit the ISA’s Anti Doping page here:

  • ISA Rulebook

    Following a review by the ISA Technical Committee and upon the approval of the ISA Executive Committee, a number of important revisions and updates have recently been made to the ISA Rulebook.

    View the updated version of the ISA Rulebook by clicking here:

  • Q & A

    Q: Can an athlete compete in multiple divisions
    A; Yes, if the athlete meets the age requirements, they are welcome to register for both divisions. Please note, the ISA does not adjust the schedule for potential overlapping heats between the divisions.

    Q: Can family/friends come to the event
    A: The National Federation must approve of any individual that is attending with your National Team. Anyone not registered will not have access to the restricted team area at the event site, provided transportation, etc.

    Q: I am interested in competing but am not in contact with the National Federation in my country. What do I do?
    A: Please reach out to [email protected] and we are happy to put you in contact.

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